My free 1 billiard $ suggest to jack dorsey to improve revenue on twitter

Not my best photo, but i've got a mic

Jack, let intoduce myself, I'm already known on twitter for ecommerce as @roiduecommerce , I tweet about marketing events like #leweb, #ecommerceparis, Web 2 business #T2m2014, #ecp15, Shake ecommerce #shake14, #shake15, #web2day, and all digital event that was in TT in France since 3 or 4 years.

I know what to do to influence twitter trending topic. But no worry about that, no-one want to buy my services for this, and each time it was free for them, I will tell you later.

You can read that later too


Airbnb CEO ask a simple question to have insight about how airbnb can be improve. He have hundred answers, and a lot of them will be on the roadmap improve airbnb services.

Ok jack let tell you my insights about twitter commerce

How to improve user experience on twitter ?

This time, it's Jack dorsey himself, CEO of twitter ask the same question.

One of the most wanted by users is edit tweet, i'm totally agree with it, but there will have technical issues. Imagine you say something, a lot of people are agree with you, they fav and retweet. Once there's dozens of RT and Like, you just edit and say the opposite. Where's the credibility ?

My guess about that :

Sometimes you just need to correct your tweet for a mistaken typo or url, so just edit few seconds. Do you remember this fonctionnality on google with email ?

Ok this is my insight about user experience.

How twitter can earn billions with twitter commerce ?

I was community manager for a large ecommerce marketplace in France called "Rue du Commerce" and we influenced hashtag #noelquidechire in 2014, it was on TT 1 month and half in france. We also hack #blackfriday in France that was sponsored by la FNAC.

One ordinary day in TT (not on the main twitter account) only mine with 3k followers

Ok we can say publicly a sponsored hashtag is 10 000€ for 1 day, and they never pay you 1€ for this ;-) 

Yes I was the little ninja and there's only 2000 tweet limit on that tool

Ok pseudo social media influencers, if you think you need thousands of followers to be influent, you're wrong. I've only 3k followers but the main account gain 30k followers.

I'm also SEO and dev integrator, that's why you're here. We made some test with twitter.

ok, just need to have an seo link here Seo hero no matter what it is ;-)

Why twitter supress product card ?

There was an useful thing that twitter implemented for developpers, and it was very easy to use. It was product card. It was deprecated on july 2015


We implement it on rueducommerce.com but this was a deceptive experience as user, and as ecommerçant.

CTR is key, and media have more engagments

Jack you know this, if there's media, there's more interaction : Image, video (I'm open to talk about 360 videos live on twitter)

One thing we observe, poduct were less visible than summary card, but user need to clic on it before reading the whole tweet with price informations. Not easy to be visible if there's tons of media image.

How we hack twitter media timeline ?

So we hack it in some way, we made all incentive and poducts dynamically on post images We have product title with product image with discount badge, and discount price, and free delivery conditions, but it wasn't possible for user to buy product directly from twitter or to add to cart.

We increase followers by 50% 30k new followers in 1 month and half (there was also marketing actions, like jeux concours, and virality, that naturally increase followers)

Your team was great fan, they made a webminar #twitteracademy about it

What twitter must do to earn billiard $ revenues from ecommerce ? 

Twitter in my daily use help me to see what's most important with my friends interests. I'm following twittos because they probably share links to informations i'm interested in. If they are just discussing, i'm looking on hashtag.

So in search tab, if you create a product search tab, you will probably have much user that will use twitter as a social selling machine than facebook or pinterest.

Ok it's good for user, but how it could be better for twitter ?

If twitter decide to open his API for ecommerce dev and let them create an add to cart directly, it will probably drive traffic and transactions and twitter might sell sponsored product. you might sell your square service as payment, or a % transaction.

The soul and the power of twitter is to be a shortcut and link sharing to all applications, it's where twitter is the best. Instant news, instant video live, hashtag to curate news, DM to talk, Moments to aggregate fav info or have a screenshot of events.

If you want to implement it we can with @ysimonx tell you how to do or @jessyseonoob

The main project for Jack dorsey is Square. Square is a payment solution. But if we look on twitter, they test to use direct payment directly from twitter. Not a bad idea, but why reinvent the wheel ? User want to buy product, vendors want to sell products, twitter want to be the platform to discover this product, to discuss around the product, and they want to do as they us to do : go to the merchant cart, and buy product.

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