Hey jack why did you deprecated Twitter product cards for commerce ? Social selling

Hi Jack,

Just a post because i can't go to #promote event. Each day i see in my twitter feed an ads to twitterawards with hashtag #promote. Why twitter commerce wasn't succeful with twitter product cards ?

If you ask me to design social selling card on twitter, here's one that can work.

I'm in France, but in Marseille, south of France, you propably now know where it is with Marseille series on netflix.

I really want to win 125 000$ or 250 000$, i've already won google lunar xprize http://lune.space/google-lunar-xprize-winner-welcome-to-the-moon-lune-space/

But there's already something to improve twitter for ecommerce, and it was remove in 2005.

What ????? You are spending again 250 000$

Let me explain.

L'étrange noël de monsieur Jack 

When I was CM for an ecommerce marketplace

I was one of the community manager for one of the  big leader ecommerce marketplace in France during Cchristmas in 2014 I was @slashwarrior and we play with Trending topics #noelquidechire http://www.love-moi.fr/2015/11/influencer-les-tendances-sur-twitter.html.

As I was talking with +Yannick Simon  +Alexiane Derail and +charlotte badie  how to improve visibility on twitter, I was thinking to implement twitter product cards.


It seems to be a big idea because it need just some tweek on website to have product card, but the experience was deceptive.

When you add image to twitter product card they are not show until user   clic on tweet. So we use summary card and tweek website to generate all content we would like to show to the user to increase the CTR.

So we create image dynamically generate from product page

not this image but look like this

What was lacking to Twitter product card to be the best social selling machine ?

There was a twitter card that was tailored for ecommerce : twitter product cards.

What was cool ?

There's an image, a price, availability and description. User can RT and share with their friends and  fav. But here's how twitter can provide better experience :

There was just 2 modifications to do :

Where is the fucking button BUY ! ????

Now on twitter, we can add emoji, gif to attract attention, but twitter forgot to add a call to action in big to buy the product  : BUY NOW !

Instead of trying to buy directly on twitter why don't use it to buy on emerchant website with a link to add to cart ? How to do monetisation ? Provide a way to single sign in or a way to have less friction when they buy.

Why an user need to click on a tweet to see product card ??

The twitter product card was only avaible when user clic on it ? We just remember your team build the first ever and most use tool on the web : twitter bootstrap, with the aim to have more and more website to become mobile first. Why user must clic on a tweet to see valuable info and something to clic to go the website ?

How to monetize this for twitter ?

Be an ecommerce marketplace aggregator

You already have stripe to pay, but in france, people love to know brand and stores where they buy products. Perhaps twitter must open an ecommerce marketplace like amazon, open to e-merchants, so customer can buy with twitter, perhaps pay with stripe ?

Use product card for ads

When a user clic on a tweet, if there's a product that correspond to a tweet related to the product, it's a good idea to show him an ads with this ecommerce card, so he can buy it.

E-merchant don't want to only sell there brands but they want to sell their product to the right person. User want to buy product and have interaction with them based on intend

Social sellling Call the seller

Social selling Chat with seller

So Jack, can you restore product card and test if I'm wrong ?

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