Check your AMP page in google.com directly

It is already possible to check the if your code through an AMP validator provided by Google.  https://developers.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/

You can use  /amp/#development=1 

But even if everything is OK with Google validator how can you be sure that your pages are going to be displayed as AMP cards in Google SERPs.

This page is not in google AMP CDN

How to test your AMP page on your mobile ?

Here is a test you can do on your smartphone to check easily if your AMP page is in Google AMP content delivery network :

1st Test – If you are using a CMS such as WordPress or if you know the URL of the AMP page you want to test. You just need to paste the root of your URL into Google URL in the following way:


DO NOT USE  http://www and https://www

This test with a french news website: for  http://m.20minutes.fr/amp/a/1798787

Here’s url of the amp page path into Google : 


Page amp in CDN google for 20 minutes

If your page appear this means its AMP valid and the should appear in Google the following way:

Amp Card in google carroussel ?

Having Amp page in google amp cache doen’t necessarily mean google will display it in the carousel. So far, I’ve only seen AMP card on AMP page with News markup.

AMP Pages are also listed  https://cdn.ampproject.com

If the page you sent to google is not valid you shold see the following error message appearing along with a link to the Google tool to debug your code.

Sorry this Page is not valid AMP HTML in google cache

Try again

Thx to @SEOmuscle for translation

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